CVB Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to be approved for Online Banking?

Upon successful completion of the short enrollment process, you will be granted access to your accounts.

How do I log on to Online Banking?

To log on to Online Banking, you will need your Access ID and Password. Enter your Access ID and password under Online Banking on the home page of www.chippewavalleybank.com

Does it matter if I input my Access ID or Password in lower or upper case letters?

Yes, both the Access ID and password are case sensitive. Your password must contain at least one of each of the following: uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number, and special character.

What accounts can I access using Online Banking?

Accounts that can be accessed through Online Banking include Checking, Savings, Certificates of Deposit, and Loans.

Is there a fee for using Online Banking?

Online Banking is completely free. Standard account charges will apply for overdrafts, etc.

What can I do if my Access ID or Password is not working?

Remember that your Access ID and Password are both case sensitive. Make sure you have the appropriate dropdown for either Personal or Business selected above your Access ID. If you cannot access the system, please contact us at 1-866-282-3501.

How can I change my Access ID or Password?

To change your Access ID, contact us. To change your password online, select Profile, then select Edit next to the Password heading. You can also change your password by contacting us.

What happens if I get locked out of Online Banking?

You will be locked out of Online Banking after three invalid log in attempts or three failed security question answers. To unlock your online access, you must contact us.

How often do I have to use my Online Banking account to keep it active?

Your online access will remain active as long as you log on at least once every 180 days. If you don't log on at least once during that time, your online access will be deleted and you will need to enroll again.

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